CONTAIN Water Tanks Inc. is a manufacturer and installer of corrugated steel liquid storage tanks primarily used for the storage of water. Contain Water Tanks Inc. series of tanks and accessories are backed by a team of certified installers around Canada and the US ready to provide professional installation services for your project site.

CONTAIN is proud to offer a new series of glass fused steel tanks, for more details contact us.

Primary and Secondary Containment

Environmental Containment is our core business at CONTAIN. We're partnered with Contain Enviro Services Ltd, a Canadian corporation with over 20 years of quality service and a proven track record as the leader in the supply and install of primary and secondary containment systems across North America. Our galvanized steel construction and superior quality components allow our products to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and provide excellent corrosion resistance.

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CONTAIN Water Tanks Inc. Is the manufacturer of high capacity Liquid Storage Tanks consisting of pre-rolled and pre-punched corrugated steel panels. Our tanks can also include a geo textile pre liner, NSF 61 approved flexible geomembrane liners, several available fitting sizes, and various tank roof design options. Contain Water Tanks Inc. series Water Storage Tanks are fully engineered products for industrial, irrigation, agricultural, fracking, mining, and many other applications.

Each tank is manufactured in our facility to meet specific project site specification. Once completed each tank is built onsite and anchored to concrete or to sit on a compacted sand foundation.

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We've been building water tanks for industrial applications for over 20 years, whatever your application - Contain has a solution for your water storage needs.

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